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Tiong Bahru estate, is the first housing estate project initiated by Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT) to provide housing for the population moving away from the city centre. It exemplifies the unique planning and architectural style inculcated from the British Colonial times. The local neighborhood still exudes rich local culture and unique charm even until the present modern era, way back from the 1950s. Where the old heritage meets the modern chic, Tiong Bahru is definitely a great place to embark on your next heritage trail in Singapore

Tiong Bahru Road Heritage Trail

Explore the most charming and chic housing estate awash with good eateries and eclectic little shops. The 2.5km trail will bring you through Tiong Bahru’s old architectural buildings, adorned with a unique architectural design, the Tiong Bahru flats that span the area are very attractive- to look at and as a place to reside in. As you walk the trail, look out for these flats and you can even stop at a hipster cafe for tea!

Tiong Bahru - Groceries Shop

Books actually - shopfront

Tiong Bahru Bakery

Tiong Bahru - F&B outlet

Tiong Bahru - plain vanilla bakery